V. Jayagopal & Associates provides customized services under company law, keeping your specific requirements in mind. Our team is well versed in Companies Act and the company laws in India.



Incorporation of Company under the Companies Act in any part of India

The Companies Act of 1956 sets down rules for the establishment of both “Public” and “Private” companies. We can help you in the process of incorporation of your company, while making sure the entire process is transparent and smooth.

LLP registration in India

LLP is a corporate business vehicle that enables professional expertise and entrepreneurial initiative to combine and operate in flexible, innovative and efficient manner, providing benefits of limited liability while allowing its members the flexibility for organizing their internal structure as a partnership. We provide all necessary guidance and support for the entire process of LLP registration.

Opening of Branch or Liaison office in India and abroad

Since opening of a branch office abroad involves use of foreign exchange outside India, such Indian companies have to follow procedures prescribed by the Reserve Bank of India. Similarly foreign companies planning to setup offices India - branch/ branch office on stand alone basis, Liaison office, Project office, LLP – need to adhere to various rules and laws. We provide complete range of services required for setting up your branch in Indian or abroad.

Registration under VAT, Shops and Establishments Act, Professional Tax Dept

VAT is a multi-stage tax levied at each stage of the value addition chain, with a provision to allow input tax credit (ITC) on tax paid at an earlier stage, which can be appropriated against the VAT liability on subsequent sale. V. Jayagopal & Associates helps small/medium and large establishments to get VAT registration and guide them in taxation aspects.

Service Tax Dept, IEC from the JDGFT, PAN and TAN for business.

Registration under Provident Fund Act and Employees State Insurance Rules.

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